Sell A Vehicle

If you would like to sell a vehicle but do not want to take the time to do it yourself or you just do not want to go through the steps of advertising the car and being available for the phone calls and questions I can do it all for you with this service.

There are two methods to sell your vehicle.  Wholesale and Retail.


Using this method we will sell your car to a dealer. The advantage this method offers is that the car will sell very quirky, probably in a day or two in most cases. The dis-advantage is that you will not receive as much money for your vehicle.


If we retail your vehicle it will take longer but you will receive more money.  You and I will discuss your desires and preferences before deciding which method will be best for you.  As a general rule, if your car is in excellent condition you will probably want to Retail it.  Oh the other hand if your vehicle needs repairing or reconditioning you may decide to just Wholesale it rather than investing the additional money.

My fees for these services are:

Wholesale Fee  –  $395.00

Retail Fee  –  $695.00 plus advertising expenses.

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